Meet Cheri

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping people soar both personally and professionally, Cheri Neal runs a speaking and coaching practice. Her goal? To help people turn adversity into opportunity. That way? They can live engaged, fulfilling, and prosperous lives. A dynamic speaker and trainer, Cheri mixes a powerfully refreshing blend of education, energy and entertainment, engaging participants with right-on-time concepts for enhancing their lives at work, home and in their communities.

What will your audience walk away with after Cheri’s keynotes and workshops?

  • Solid strategies for creating a cohesive, creative team
  • Easy-to-implement, enlightened solutions to move people forward
  • A respect and understanding for how our responses create outcomes
  • Renewed energy and motivation which propels success and creates uplifting momentum

What makes her UNIQUE? Cheri has served in full-time elected office since 2001. She’s served on boards and commissions. Is an award-winning champion for community engagement and collaboration. And smart. She holds a double Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Behavior in Society and a Master’s Degree in Management with a Certificate in Leadership. She’s a certified and accredited Life Coach an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and a TED* practitioner.

She’s passionate about life. People. Family. Monarchs. Zinnias. Golfing. Half-Marathons. Pit crewing for hot air balloons. And mostly? Helping others live their BEST life!

Her satisfied clients include the International Institute for Municipal Clerks Conference, Illinois Municipal League Conference, Lake County Municipal League, Townships of Illinois Conference, Lake County’s Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, University of Wisconsin-Parkside and others.

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