These are Cheri’s most requested speaking topics.  She also enjoys customizing presentations to fit your needs!

Drop the Drama & Create Extraordinary Outcomes

Our world. Businesses. Media. Schools. Lives. All fueled, unfortunately all too often in today’s chaotic times by drama. And that? Leads to toxicity in our lives that sends us careening down a negative path instead of elevating ourselves to grow, transform, and align us with the people, passion, and practices that will catapult us towards our goals and dreams. The tough part? Is naming it. Recognizing it. It’s called the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) – and it’s like quicksand. Once you step into it? You can lose your footing and get sucked under. It is a human response to the flight, fright, freeze or appease mode. And the cost? Precious time, money, energy – even relationships.

In this empowering and insightful session your team will learn how to:

  • Identify drama in the workplace and understand the roles that allow it to thrive in the Dreaded Drama Triangle.
  • Extract yourself from the negativity and steer clear of it in the future
  • Become crystal-clear in your focus and shift your attention and actions towards your goals
  • Understand how your actions and communication may be creating barriers
  • Define actions and mindsets that are stalling your progress
  • Recognize the benefits of empowering everyone in their role with The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Learn a process and shared language to significantly improve productivity and build a strong foundation for future success
  • Acquire tools to prevent burnout and increase job satisfaction and fulfillment utilizing the Power of TED*.
  • Develop a skill set for creating healthy and supportive relationships

In this eye-opening presentation, speaker and trainer Cheri Neal will share with you debilitating dynamics that keep you trapped in dysfunction and then teach you the impactful strategies which will allow you to transform the way you interact with others. Then? You can lead with confidence and compassion, achieve your goals and lead a more extraordinary life.

How to Move from Crazy to Crazy Good

You’re talented and driven – right? Your smartphone is in your hand 24/7. You’re always “on call” to serve. EVERYONE depends on you – for EVERYTHING. You’re the one who works longer, manages the details, maintains order, and gets the job done. You take care of everything and everyone. Except? Yourself. Yeah, that whole “can’t pour from an empty cup thing”? is REAL. And trying to? Is keeping you rooted where you are instead of where you want to be.

It’s time to put you on the to-do list. Invite Cheri in to share this powerfully important message for today’s audience members and they’ll return home and back to work feeling validated and empowered. They’ll learn that self-care benefits EVERYONE, and enriches their lives, their careers, and their bottom lines. Cheri leaves nothing to chance as she shares the very real strategies and tools for doing just that.

In this timely session your team will learn how to:

  • Understand the subtle, but powerful difference between SELF-centered and self-CENTERED
  • Set boundaries without creating drama and resentment
  • Bring more joy into life, and into the lives of others
  • Rebalance in those moments when everything feels off center
  • Focus attention on all those things you love about life (instead of looking for a new one)

There’s never been a more important time to empower your team with this particular message. Invite Cheri Neal, acclaimed life coach, for a riveting power session filled with real-world strategies for creating the kind of life that is measurably better than what you’ve even imagined.

The Leadership Lessons of the Monarch Butterfly

Mother Nature is a pretty smart cookie when we pay attention. When we listen. When we’re watching. The Monarch butterfly offers unique lessons that will transform the way you lead your life and the lives of those around you. Participants will acquire a new appreciation for the Monarch as a symbol reminding them of the opportunities available to support them in making changes that will significantly enhance their lives. They will leave with specific strategies in addressing drama in a healthy way, identifying what holds them back, a new confidence for taking the oh-so-necessary steps to transform their lives, and a rock-solid plan for doing so.

In this insightful, growth-inspired session your team will learn how to:

  • Identify and release the layers that have been binding your growth
  • Turn toxic situations into compelling opportunities for success
  • Create a personal habitat that allows you to thrive
  • Develop a fool-proof plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Metamorphose into your best self by trusting the mystery and answering the call

Join Cheri Neal on this incredibly transformative journey through the heart and soul of the Monarch butterfly. Cheri is an accomplished life coach and speaker, community leader/advocate, and a naturalist who has passionately raised Monarchs since 2000 .

Developing Future Community Leaders

Potential community leaders are all around us, hidden in plain view. Many are even hidden from themselves! If we don’t find them, inspire them, and provide training opportunities, their talents and potential go to waste. Especially in a culture and in communities where being an elected official is not a top 10 ideal career choice. Especially in a time when, more than ever, leaders who are without motive or agenda are in critical need.

Cheri Neal can help. In this community-changing session, based on the proven principles from the Zion-Benton Leadership Academy in Zion, IL, she teaches how to get residents involved and creates a better pool for future leadership.

In this timely session your audience will learn how to:

  • Get an accurate sense of untapped leadership potential in the community
  • Develop a solid blueprint to create an outstanding program for your community
  • Create a next-step plan for making your Academy a reality instead of just talk

Participants who are concerned about the lack of future leadership in the community will return with a blueprint and plan for how to identify potential leaders and get them trained and involved.

Join Cheri Neal, co-creator of the ZB Leadership Academy, who serves in full-time elected office and is an outstanding presenter and coach, in designing a model that works for your community.

All topics and sessions are customized to your specific needs and goals. Contact Cheri today to learn how she can create the ideal session for your next audience.